Home Movie Trailers Feel the paranoia in Tom Sainsbury’s ‘Loop Track’
Feel the paranoia in Tom Sainsbury’s ‘Loop Track’

Feel the paranoia in Tom Sainsbury’s ‘Loop Track’


This year’s NZIFF has arrived, and one of its most intriguing releases is the must-watch new thriller Loop Track from talented comic-turned filmmaker Tom Sainsbury, and it’s really turning heads.

Check out the freaky first trailer for Loop Track below:

Here’s the official synopsis:

Loop Track follows a highly anxious man Ian (Tom Sainsbury) on the verge of a breakdown, as he sets off on a multi-day hike through the New Zealand wilderness to clear his head. His solitude is quickly interrupted by other hikers on the trail, and Ian becomes convinced they are all in danger. What started as a simple walk in the park abruptly turns into a bloody fight for survival.

The self-funded feature film from Sainsbury is a twisted and chilling journey into the horrors of the human psyche when thrown into nature, and the trailer makes for a kinetic and frantic watch.

“For me, this film originated with a single image – someone on an isolated bush walk thinking they can see a being in the far distance,” says Sainsbury. “They can’t make out exactly what they’re looking at, but the being’s presence feels malevolent…”

Conceived after Chillbox Creative and Tom Sainsbury’s award-winning 48Hours short film Time Travel Centre, Loop Track is independently and self-funded through short film prize funds and a crowdfunding campaign through a time of COVID-related disruptions and postponements.

“We at Chillbox have been collaborating with Tom on film projects since 2015,” says one of the producers, Jonathan Potton. “We were able to complete 25 days of principal photography on the film in late 2020, followed by two lots of pick-up shooting. The film is a passion project – the product of the hard work and creativity of a small but talented crew.”

This independent horror/thriller film was shot in the Tāmaki Makaurau wilderness and will be released in Aotearoa to New Zealand audiences later in 2023 before its international release.

“I am a huge movie buff, but the ones that really resonate with me, the ones that really get me pumped, are well-executed, high-concept thrillers,” says Tom. “In saying all of that, though, I definitely feel there are some laughs in here as well. But ultimately, I want it to be beloved by the ardent horror fans the world over.”

Loop Track will arrive in cinemas later this year.

Image: Milon Tesiram © Loop Track Limited