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‘Gen V’ – ‘The Whole Truth’ – Review

‘Gen V’ – ‘The Whole Truth’ – Review


Prime Video’s Gen V is rapidly becoming streaming’s must-watch series as we pull back on the glitz and glamour of superheroes and come to see just how messed up they really are. It’s been a hell of a start to this series, and things take a turn in Episode Four, ‘The Whole Truth’. And it has us hooked.

The World’s Greatest Superhero Detective, Tek Knight, pays a visit to campus and threatens to expose the secrets of Godolkin University on his hit series on Vought+, “The Whole Truth”. Marie discovers a new attribute, with her powers when she’s threatened by a fellow classmate. Marie, Andre, Cate and Jordon try to stop powerful hero, Sam, while Emma shows everyone another side of her powers.

Few shows are as addictive to watch as The Boys spinoff series, Gen V, and Episode Four, ‘The Whole Truth’ has arrived. And it’s about to get very murky in the corridors of Godolin University. While they started as fresh-faced would-be heroes who all had promising futures ahead of them, that is until college hunk Golden Boy (Patrick Schwarzenegger) went nuclear, and Marie, Andre, Cate and Jordan fell in on a dangerous conspiracy only known as ‘The Woods’ and which had swallowed up Golden Boy’s long lost brother Sam (Asa Germann). Episode Three, ‘#ThinkBrink’ ended in a hell of a bloody mess thanks to shrinking supe Emma Meyer/Little Cricket (Lizze Broadway), whose ‘puging’ powers are an absolute curse, and the narrative takes an interesting turn in ‘The Whole Truth’.

That turn comes in the form of the world’s pre-eminent ‘supe’ detective Robert Vernon/Tek Knight, who, since finishing up his crime-fighting days, now hosts his own sensational true crime series. And he’s ready to sniff out the rot at Godolkin Univeristy. Special credit must be given to guest star Derek Wilson, who brings a real creep factor to the presence of Tek Knight. With his manufactured smile and probing eyes, Tek Knight comes across as the ultimate voyeur, and he’s got a very real scummy personality that he can’t help but direct towards his subjects in his very personal ‘interviews’, which are nothing more than probing interrogations. Wilson marks Tek Knight out as a man not to be trifled with, and he’s there’s a psychotic danger in his performance that will leave audiences on edge. Add in his own personal deviancies, and well, let’s just say Tek Knight earns his place amongst a long list of ‘supe’ reprobates.

‘The Whole Truth’ also continues with Gen V’s over-the-top moments, and there are plenty of them to be had in this episode. A particular nasty moment occurs when Marie Moreau (Jaz Sinclair) falls victim to Godolkin University’s resident ‘date raper’ Rufus (Alexander Calvert), who is fond of a ‘mind roofie’, but who falls victim to the #MeToo Movement in a whole bloodier fashion! It’s a particularly gruesome scene to watch but overly well deserved, and this ‘explosive’ moment is another step in Marie mastering her powers and taking her heights to new levels. Things end with a hell of a shock, and you won’t believe what happens next.

It’s starting to get really interesting in Gen V, and with the cliffhanger that was thrown at us at the end of ‘The Whole Truth’, Episode Five is sure to get a whole lot more twisted!

Gen V streams on Prime Video.

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