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‘Gen V’ – ‘Welcome to the Monster Club’ – Review

‘Gen V’ – ‘Welcome to the Monster Club’ – Review


Episode by episode Gen V is getting crazier by the minute, and just when you were about to go ‘what the fuck’, this series takes a hell of a dramatic u-turn, and Episode Five, ‘Welcome to the Monster Club’ is a thoroughly introspective watch that opens up the narrative and showcases where our ‘supes’ motivations lie.

The gang wakes up at Dusty’s house from what they assume was an all-night bender. As they try to retrace their liquor and drug-drenched steps from last night, nothing is quite what it seems. Only Sam knows the truth. Marie begins to question Shetty’s motives, and the secret of The Woods is revealed. 

Episode Four of Gen V‘The Whole Truth’ ended on a hell of a cliffhanger, and waking up dazed and confused, Marie, Emma, Andre, Jordan, Cate and Sam are all thrown together in the remnants after one hell of a party. And it was a definite case of ‘Supes Gone Wild’. But amongst the overflowing alcohol, bounty of mind-altering substances and salacious nudity and sex, there’s a problem. None of our characters can remember anything about how they got to this party. And things quickly don’t begin to add up in ‘Welcome to the Monster Club’.

While the ‘supes’ try to figure out what the hell is going on, Dean Indira Shetty (Shelley Conn), is busy cleaning up her own mess and reveals the truth of The Woods. A top-secret project to perfect a deadly virus that could cull the ‘supe’ population and finally bring them under humanity’s control. In ‘Welcome to the Monster Club’, we see Dean Shetty for who she truly is, and there’s an almost twisted altruism to her mission and her belief in The Woods. It’s a shocking revelation on behalf of showrunners Craig Rosenberg, Evan Goldberg and Eric Kripke, and this new narrative point will have massive ramifications not only for the world of Gen V but for the greater universe of The Boys at large.

While Marie and her friends are forced to go round and round in order to figure out who stripped their memory and threw them into a crazy hallucinogenic party of epic debauchery, Sam (Asa Germann) has to contend with his mind that is now faltering faster than ever. And the results are a pure manic episode of chaotic, violent humour that will make audiences shit up and go, ‘what the actual fuck!’. Episode by episode, we’ve seen the creativity for excessive violence and gore take to new heights of theatrical fun, and ‘Welcome to the Monster Club’ is a new level of NUTS!

However, it’s the episode’s final moments where things truly get chaotic, and a startling and dark secret is revealed that throws the Gen V narrative in a whole new direction. And nothing will be the same after this.

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