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‘Gen V’ – ‘Sick’ – Review

‘Gen V’ – ‘Sick’ – Review


Step by step, a dangerous and dark conspiracy has been unleashed at the heart of Godolkin University, and all hell is about to break loose in Episode Seven of Gen V, ‘Sick’ , as a bunch of pissed off ‘supes’ decide that it’s time to make their voices heard. And do they know how to scream!

Cameron Coleman hosts a contentious Town Hall with Vice presidential candidate, Victoria Neuman. Andre has a family emergency, and an impressionable Sam makes the wrong friend. Cate takes back control while Marie learns she has a few things in common with Neuman. The truth of Shetty’s intentions are finally revealed

All things have been leading down a path to the final truth at the heart of Gen V, and with the revelation that Godolkin University’s Dean Indira Shetty (Shelley Conn) has been developing a virus to kill ‘supes’, it appears that these future gods are not so invulnerable after all. While we’ve had a taste of what Shetty’s plague looks like, in ‘Sick’, audiences get all close and personal to it. And it isn’t pretty. The threat for the ‘supe’ community is now VERY REAL, but more importantly, we finally get to the heart that has fed Shetty’s vindictive desire to ruin the lives of all ‘supes’, and just like every superhero….or supervillain. She has suffered from her own flawed and tragic origin story.

It’s through Shetty in ‘Sick’ that we also get a very real connection to the world of The Boys in the appearance of The Boys’ handler Grace Mallory (Laila Robins), with whom Shetty intends to make a deal. And it makes for an interesting conversation. While Mallory has suffered more than anyone at the hands of the ‘supes’ even she has her own set of morals that don’t go as far as Shetty. This interaction not only shows how desperate and hungry for revenge Shetty truly is but just how much of a ‘supervillain’ she has become. And It’s clear, nothing will stand in her way.

Making another bold appearance in ‘Sick’ is Claudia Doumit as Victoria “Vic the Veep” Neuman, Vice President candidate and closeted ‘supe’ who is busy on the campaign trail and who has called into Godolkin University to round up support. Except she doesn’t have it, and her presence as a ‘clandestine supe’, pro-human politician riles up the student body, and well, all hell breaks. And caught up in all of it are Marie, Jordan, Emma, Cate and Sam. While Sam is pulled this way and that and gets caught up in the ruckus, Victoria decides to have a heart-to-heart with Marie. And it’s one hell of a revelation for our main character. But with tensions this high, things soon turn sour, and it’s clear that Godolkin University is about to burst at the seams.

And this leads us into the crux of Episode Seven, ‘Sick’, as the ‘supes’ end up in a showdown with Shetty, and a very pissed off and traumatised Cate is conducting all of it. In” we got an insight into just how messed up Cate’s mental state truly is, and all of this pain, resentment, and bitter anger comes smashing out in ‘Sick’. And it makes for one shocking and very bloody mess. Plus, did we mention that Victoria Neuman is in class today. Yep, you can probably imagine where this all goes, and make no mistake, ‘Sick’ ends on a very nasty and icky note.

We’re in the endgame now with Gen V….and it ain’t gonna be pretty. Because we’re about to see ‘supes gone wild’, but not in a good way, and it’s clear that the secrets of The Woods are going to be unleashed, and Godolkin University is going to burn. So step right up!

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