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‘Reacher’ – ‘ATM’ – Review

‘Reacher’ – ‘ATM’ – Review


Summer is here, and it’s time for sun, cocktails, and those cheeky midday binge-watching sessions. A perfect watch for the holidays has appeared in the release of Season Two of Reacher. The giant force of Jack Reacher is back, and he’s ready to kick ass and take names in what is the best television release of the year.

Reacher (Alan Ritchson) and Neagley (Maria Sten) investigate the murder of a member of 110th, a group of Special investigators assembled by Reacher, only to realize the whole unit may be at risk.

In 2022, Prime Video unleashed Lee Child’s hulking, 6’5, ex-military policeman-turned-drifter Jack Reacher onto viewers, and audiences went nuts. Series star Alan Ritchson shot into the A-list stratosphere overnight, and audiences were hooked on the most dynamic, action-packed series of the year. What we got with that first season of Reacher, which adapted Child’s first book, Killing Floor, was a mixture of calculating detective fiction smashed together with brutal, in-your-face action with a modern-day wandering ronin action hero, and the result was damn epic. Now Ritchson and series showrunner Nick Santoro are back for Season Two, and an adaptation of Child’s 11th novel in the Jack Reacher series, Bad Luck And Trouble, and it’s set to be another gnarly watch for audiences.

While audiences might expect Santora and his team to go down the same path in Reacher’s sophomore year, nothing could be further from this when it comes to Season Two of Reacher. Where Season One was a hardboiled detective story, Season Two is more of an action thriller, and this is a conscious effort on Santora’s behalf. Right from Episode One, ‘ATM’, Reacher Season Two is darker and edgier and features a Reacher who is far different from the last time we saw him. While we might only be at the start of Season Two, this change-up to the style of the series keeps it interesting, and it’s a great start to the narrative. This change in direction for the series also mirrors its setting and ambience. Where Season One of Reacher is set in the burning sun and heat of the deep south in Georgia, Season Two throws Reacher into the blistering cold of New York City and the East Coast. And it all makes for a radically different experience.

Returning once more is Alan Ritchson as the hulking Jack Reacher. And damn, is it good to see the big guy back. Ritchson took the world by storm with his performance as Reacher, and he’s radically shot up into the A-list as a talent to keep an eye on. Returning to this new chapter of the developing Reacher narrative, we meet a road-weary Reacher in ‘ATM’. He’s slightly beat up and moth-eaten, life on the road not being the most comfortable way to live. But it suits Reacher, and he’s not about to change it. But when an urgent message from Francis Neagley reaches him, Reacher has to jump back into action. And Ritchson nails it. He is not even 5 minutes into the new narrative before he lays down a serious beat down, and with a case this close to home, well, you can tell that there will be hell to pay.

As a solitary figure, Jack Reacher spends a lot of time alone, and as a man of few words, it can be hard to get him to open up. But Santora fixes that problem with Season Two as he focuses on an investigation surrounding the 110 Special Investigators, Reacher’s old unit, and a dangerous and deadly conspiracy that is now gripping it. Maria Stern returns right out of the gate as Francis Neagley, and it’s fun as an audience member to see them back together as they pick up on this very personal case.

Episode One, ‘ATM’, also introduces another critical character to Season Two in David O’Donnell, a former member of the 110th and who is played with plenty of attitude by Shaun Sipos. Sipos is pitch-perfect casting for the role of O’Donnell, a private investigator who can pass in plain sight for a lawyer or investment banker but who also happens to carry a set of bass knuckles and a concealed switchblade. He’s a character who’s always up for a rumble and who, back in the 110th, was a degenerate womanizer and party boy who now, as a civilian, has been heavily domesticized. Much to the chagrin of Reacher and Neagely. Sipos nails O’Donnell’s quick-fire mannerisms and cocky attitude, and he brings a good dose of banter to the series and has a great back-and-forth with Ritchson. He’s a character to keep an eye on.

‘ATM’ provides a great start to the new series of Reacher and sets up that those close to Reacher are in trouble. And if there’s one thing you don’t do, YOU DON’T MESS WITH THE SPECIAL INVESTIGATORS. Get ready for a whole heap of action and plenty of intensity as we move into a gripping new season of Reacher.

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