Home Movie Trailers Let the insanity begin with the new trailer for ‘Boy Kills World’
Let the insanity begin with the new trailer for ‘Boy Kills World’

Let the insanity begin with the new trailer for ‘Boy Kills World’


Ready. Set. Fight! Brace yourself, action fans, because the noise is about to be dialled all the way up to 100 with the release of the first trailer for the post-apocalyptic, sci-fi, action insanity rollercoaster experience that is Boy Kills World. And this trailer looks ABSOLUTELY NUTS!

Watch the absolutely MENTAL first trailer for Boy Kills World below:

Here’s the official synopsis for Boy Kills World:

Bill Skarsgård stars as “Boy” who vows revenge after his family is murdered by Hilda Van Der Koy (Janssen), the deranged matriarch of a corrupt post-apocalyptic dynasty that left the boy orphaned, deaf and voiceless. Driven by his inner voice, one which he co-opted from his favorite childhood video game, Boy trains with a mysterious shaman (Ruhian) to become an instrument of death and is set loose on the eve of the annual culling of dissidents. Bedlam ensues as Boy commits bloody martial arts mayhem, inciting a wrath of carnage and blood-letting. As he tries to get his bearings in this delirious realm, Boy soon falls in with a desperate resistance group, all the while bickering with the apparent ghost of his rebellious little sister.

Ever since we first saw a snapshot of a thoroughly ripped Bill Skarsgard and learned that he was going to be starring in a movie called Boy Kills World, we were instantly down for all the chaos that awaited, and this trailer looks utterly WILD! Directed Moritz Mohr, and concieved from a story by Mohr, Tyler Burton Smith, and Arend Remmers, Boy Kills World has the makings of an instant cult classic, and with its mix of video game ultraviolence, off-beat comedy, and sci-fi cultural comedy, it’s going to be an experience that takes audiences for a ride.

Along with getting absolutely jacked for the new project, Bill Skarsgard looks to really be stretching himself as an actor with the character of Boy. In what will be an all-star year for the young actor, with the likes of The Crow and Nosferatu also being lined up for release, Skarsgard really goes for it with this picture, and Mohr looks like they really wanted to push the envelope with this one.

The originality and straight-up madness of Boy Kills World has also pulled in an impressive supporting cast to the picture with the likes of Jessica Rothe, Michelle Dockery, Brett Gelman, Isaiah Mustafa, Yayan Ruhian, with Andrew Koji, Sharlto Copley and Famke Janssen all being attached to the project, and Boy Kills World is shaping up to be the maddest watch of the year!

Get ready for something wild and totally out of left field when Boy Kills World arrives in cinemas this year!

Image: Lionsgate Films