Home Television Recaps ‘James Must-a-pic His Mum a Man’ – Review
‘James Must-a-pic His Mum a Man’ – Review

‘James Must-a-pic His Mum a Man’ – Review


Kiwi comedy sensation and the winner of 2023’s Celebrity Treasure Island, James Mustapic, is back on TVNZ with his unique mix of razor-sharp comedy. This time, romance is in the air as he’s looking to find his mother, Janet, a man of her own. And the resulting show is a pure expression of heart, happiness, and hilarity.

James Mustapic returns with his new six-part comedy series, James Must-a-pic His Mum a Man. We follow the sharp-tongued 2023 Celebrity Treasure Island winner James as he orchestrates a cupid mission to find his mum, Janet, a new boyfriend, and in turn, a father for himself. Each episode James dives into a new method for locating this suitor including getting help from the original Bachelor, Art Green and delving into Janet’s Exes and why it didn’t work out. Plus, Janet gets the opportunity to turn the tables, trying to find a man for James!

Kiwi comedian James Mustapic is rapidly becoming one of NZ’s best-loved comedians thanks to his outrageous style and very quick wit, and now he returns to TVNZ with a brand new show, James Must-a-pic His Mum a Man. The key to the plot is in the title. James is on the hunt for a willing suitor for his mother, and he’s going to pull out all the stops to find her a man. And well, he certainly has some interesting characters, from your run-of-the-mill resident Kiwi bachelors to established Kiwi celebrities, such as Matt Gibb, to the more eclectic Wayne Anderson. All have a hand in James’ plan to find his mother a bit of romance, and it all adds to the fun of the series.

But James Must-a-pic His Mum a Man is not James’ show alone, but his darling and dear mum Janet makes a big impression on audiences and she’s absolutely darling. Janet has that pure mum energy that all of us will recognise, and as soon as you see her on screen, she’s instantly adorable. And while she’s shuffled into various bits and gags by her son, she soon turns the tables on him. For you to see, James is also single, so Janet makes it her mission to find him a man of her own, and the results are hilarious. As a comedian, James doesn’t possess much of a filter, and Janet throws this energy right back at him, which leads to a lot of hilarity that will get audiences going.

As a viewing experience, James Must-a-pic His Mum a Man is entirely its own thing. This isn’t your normal run-of-the-mill reality-celebrity dating show, but instead, a whimsical and slightly oddball story of a mother and son who are thrown into the deep end of our modern dating pool. James also makes the point that it can, at times, be a bit of a mission to find love and connection in our fast-paced and more and more digitally led culture, and in one of the series’ most heart-warming moments, James and Janet get a lovely little pick me up from Suzy Cato (which is certain to make your heart melt). Trials follow both Janet and James in their search, but they learn a little bit more about the idea of love and each other in their journeys, and it’s an added caveat to the experience of the show.

In total, James Must-a-pic His Mum a Man is a warm, inviting, and very funny TV show that is easy to watch and will provide you with all the feels while you’re watching it. It’s a gorgeous little production, and alongside the comedy, audiences might just learn a thing or two about love during the process.

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Image: TVNZ