Home Movie Trailers It’s swords out-claws out in new REDBAND trailer for ‘Deadpool and Wolverine’
It’s swords out-claws out in new REDBAND trailer for ‘Deadpool and Wolverine’

It’s swords out-claws out in new REDBAND trailer for ‘Deadpool and Wolverine’


The Marvel Cinematic Universe is about to get a hell of a shot of crazy as Wade Wilson/Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) decides to crash the party, and cause a little ruckus, alongside the brooding X-Men berserker Wolverine (Hugh Jackman), and this all-new trailer for Deadpool & Wolverine is filled with that REDBAND LFG energy!

Watch the brand new REDBAND trailer for Deadpool & Wolverine:

Here’s the official synopsis below:

The Time Variance Authority (TVA), a bureaucratic organization that exists outside of time and space and monitors the timeline, pulls Wade Wilson / Deadpool from his quiet life and set him on a mission that will change the history of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) alongside Wolverine.

Picking up after that first intial tease for Deadpool & Wolverine that we saw back in February, this new trailer for Deadpool & Wolverine throws Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine right in the centre frame as the wise-cracking tracks him down and always entertaining Wade Wilson/Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds), and the two of them just go for it in a deeper look at what will be one of 2024’s most jaw-dropping, action thumping cinematic experiences of the whole year!

This trailer just goes for it, and not only do we get to witness a whole heap of sword-on-claw action, but we’re also a witness to the presence of the villainous Cassandra Nova (Emma Corrin) an extremely powerful and dangerous mutant with advanced telekinetic and telepathic powers, who also just happens to be the twin sister of Professor Charles Xavier. Nova’s inclusion in Deadpool and Wolverine screams that filmmaker Shawn Levy is going deep with the lore in this picture, and long-time MCU fans will be very excited with what’s on display in Deadpool & Wolverine.


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This new trailer experience for Deadpool & Wolverine is promising something incredibly wild and crazy, and thios is a film that is going to push the MCU into an entirely new direction. Not only are Marvel Studios and Shawn Levy promising an R-rated cinematic comic book movie experience that just goes for the throat and delivers on the slice and dice. And we’re game for what comes next! This film looks ABSOLUTELY awesome in every possible way, and we can’t wait to see how Deadpool and Wolverine gate-crash the MCU.


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Get ready for all the LFG energy when Deadpool & Wolverine arrives in cinemas on July 24.

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