Home Movie Trailers Take your first look at new Kiwi adventure-comedy ‘Bookworm’
Take your first look at new Kiwi adventure-comedy ‘Bookworm’

Take your first look at new Kiwi adventure-comedy ‘Bookworm’


The sensational Elijah Wood is back in New Zealand, bringing his trademark quirky acting style to a brand new local adventure-comedy from celebrated Kiwi filmmaker Ant Timpson in Bookworm. This picture-packed film is full of joy and heart and is sure to give you all the feels!

Watch the brand-new trailer for Bookworm here:

Here’s the official synopsis:

When washed-up American illusionist Strawn Wise (Wood) and his long-estranged precocious daughter Mildred (Fisher), who in the midst of a family crisis, venture into the New Zealand wilderness in search of a mythical black panther.

Bookworm is directed by Ant Timpson (Come to Daddy), and co-written by Timpson and Toby Harvard. The pair wrote the film with Elijah Wood in mind, who jumped at the chance to shoot a film in New Zealand and to reunite with the creative team behind Come to Daddy.

“There was a joy in shooting a film almost entirely on location in the Canterbury region too – a unique experience in itself. Bookworm’s story is hilarious, heartwarming and touching – I hope audiences love it,” commented Elijah Wood.

Director Ant Timpson said: “This fun adventure about two endearing oddballs bonding in the great New Zealand outdoors offers the perfect escapism on the big screen. We had a blast making it with our super talented cast and crew, and now it’s time to release Bookworm into the wild for everyone to check out.”

Production searched far and wide when casting Mildred’s character, auditioning more than 300 children, but when Timpson saw Nell Fisher, he said it was a no-brainer: “She’s just phenomenal. Nell has that rare quality that comes alive on screen, inhabiting a character from top to toe. She’s going to be a major talent. Watch this space.”

Fisher said returning to New Zealand to shoot Bookworm was a special experience: “It was my first time in Canterbury and it was absolutely breathtaking. Working with Elijah Wood was such a privilege. He’s such a funny guy and an amazing actor – I learnt a lot from him. Bookworm is a lovely, fun story – I hope audiences enjoy the journey watching it. We certainly had fun making it.”


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With its quirky narrative, off-beat comedy, and charming sentimentality, Bookworm is a guaranteed classic in the making. Audiences will fall in love with this fabulous little story when it arrives in cinemas on August 8.

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