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‘Bad Boys: Ride or Die’ – Review

‘Bad Boys: Ride or Die’ – Review


Brace yourselves for all kinds of high-energy, high-octane craziness because Will Smith and Martin Lawrence are back as Mike Lowrey and Marcus Burnett. They’re ready to blow Miami sky-high with a full-on, in-your-face, action picture that doesn’t let up for a moment in Bad Boys: Ride or Die.

Detectives Mike Lowrey (Will Smith) and Marcus Burnett (Martin Lawrence) investigate corruption within the Miami P.D. when their late Captain Conrad Howard is posthumously accused of being involved with the Cartel, but a setup turns them into fugitives, forcing them to work outside the law in order to solve the case.

The Bad Boys franchise has set the golden standard for over-the-top action filmmaking since 1995. Now, almost 20 years later, stars Will Smith and Martin Lawrence have returned for another mad dash of action that sees Detectives Mike Lowrey and Marcus Burnett framed for a crime they didn’t commit and on the run from Maimi P.D. And as always, the gunfire, explosions, and sheer comical, craziness is on full display. The filmmaking team of Adil & Bilall again return to helm the production, and they fully invest in the muscular, neon-lit, sexy atmosphere of the Miami landscape that has become a signature of the Bad Boys franchise. Adil & Bilall keep the pace moving fast, and Bad Boys: Ride or Die is a picture that doesn’t slow up for a second.

Will Smith and Martin Lawrence bring their trademark bromance swagger into Bad Boys: Ride or Die once again, but this time, they’re changing it up, and the passing of time has taken its effect on both of them. With his trademark over-the-top humour, Lawrence’s Marcus suddenly finds himself with a new lease on life, and his Feng shui openness and Oprah-like musings lead to plenty of hilarious comedy that is certain to crack audiences up. Then there’s Will Smith as Mike, who has been the Alpha Male of the pair with his strutting swagger and badass cool, but who faces a crisis of confidence and has to find his way back to being a ‘bad boy’ one more time. Smith and Lawrence play against type with their characters this time, keeping things interesting for audiences and injecting a new sense of drama into the picture.

Bad Boys: Ride or Die also has a stacked supporting cast, which adds to the fun. Better Call Saul alumnus Rhea Seehorn steps up as US Marshall Agent Judy Howard, the daughter of the late Captain Howard, and she wastes no time in coming into conflict with Mike and Marcus. Jacob Scipio returns as Armando Aretas, Cartel soldier and Mike’s son, who is forced into an uneasy alliance with his father and Marcus, and he brings a dynamic sense of muscular action to the picture. Vanessa Hudgens and Alexander Ludwig return as Kelly and Dorn, the whiz kids of AMMO, who find themselves in a bold new environment, while Paola Núñez’s Captain Rita Secada faces all kinds of pressure thanks to her feelings for Mike and the predicament she finds herself in. Tiffany Haddish is an utter scene stealer as the salacious and wild Tabitha, and she’s got a bone to pick with Mike, while Eric Dane is all business as McGrath, a SpecOps soldier with a grudge who is ready to bring the heat to Mike and Marcus.

If you’re looking for action, well, you’ll get it with Bad Boys: Ride or Die, and Adil & Bilall do a fine job in keeping up with the legendary Michael Bay in their creation of an immense action spectacle of complete and utter chaotic fun! From firey car chases to full-on double-tap fun fights, a hell of collision course plane jacking, and a gnarly final bit of run and gun in an abandoned amusement park that’s best described as ‘Redneck Jurassic Park’, Bad Boys: Ride or Die has it all and then some. And you’ll be thoroughly wired. Cinematographer Robrecht Heyvaert employs an incredible level of innovation within his camera work to put audiences right at the heart of the action, and his flying camera moves will amp you up. Plus, credit must be paid to Dennis Mcdonald as Reggie, who, as a US Marine, gets to show his stuff…and finally gets one up on Mike and Marcus!

Bad Boys: Ride or Die is over-the-top cinematic action fun in all its explosive goodness, and if you’re looking for a rush with plenty of sharp comedy thrown in, you’ll be very happy with this picture.

Image: Sony Pictures