Home Movie Trailers The terror ramps up in ‘Alien: Romulus’
The terror ramps up in ‘Alien: Romulus’

The terror ramps up in ‘Alien: Romulus’


Prepare yourself for the deep, dark abyss of the universe and the horrors that lie in weight in the brand new chapter of the Alien mythos in Alien: Romulus. And the terror is ramped up with this hard-charging piece of science fiction hell with this one!

Watch the all-new trailer for Alien: Romulus here:

Set between the events of Alien and Aliens, while scavenging the deep ends of a derelict space station, a group of young space colonizers come face to face with the most terrifying life form in the universe.

Director Fede Alvarez, who has made a career out of freaking audiences out, takes the reigns with Alien: Romulus, and with the backing and support of Sir Ridley Scott, he’s really pushed in on the terror of the Alien franchise, and there’s plenty of gnarly moments present in this new look trailer.

What’s incredibly impressive about this new trailer is that it doesn’t give much away and instead gives audiences a taste of what is to come. Alvarez utilises a mix of both practical effects and CGI to ramp up the violence of Alien: Romulus and its atmosphere and vibe almost make it feel as if it’s a slasher film, as we watch as this new crew of engineers and explorers are systematically hunted down by an extraterrestrial threat that is unstoppable.

Brace for terror when Alien: Romulus arrives in cinemas on August 15.

Image: 20th Century Studios