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‘The Mandalorian’ – Season Two – ‘The Marshal’

Disney+’s The Mandalorian is back, and long time Star Wars fans will be salivating with excitement as to this new season which finds our titular character, Din Djarin, tasked to search out and return The Child (Baby Yoda) to its people and this first episode proves why The Mandalorian is the most epic piece of […]

‘Babyteeth’ – Review

Returning to the cinemas has been a rare and welcomed experience for us this year, and any time we get the chance to experience a piece of cinema up on the big screen we’ve been very grateful for it. And watching Babyteeth is one of those experience. What might have been a disaster for the […]

Michael Meyers pulls out the knife for ‘Halloween Kills’

In just over one year’s time….Halloween Kills! While we’re a little ways away from seeing the return of legendary horror icon Michael Myers, in the much anticipated Halloween Kills, which follows 2018’s Halloween, we’ve been treated to a very scary teaser that focuses in on the horrors that are set to appear on the big […]

“Anthony” – Review

On July 30, 2005, 18-year old Anthony Walker was killed in an unprovoked and brutally racist crime that shocked all of Britain and robbed a young man of a life that was filled with promise. Anthony is the story of what his life could have been had he lived, and this deeply powerful drama is […]

Oscar Isaac being eyed for Marvel Studios ‘Moon Knight’

That’s right, you’re reading that correctly, multi-talented performer Oscar Isaac is in talks to take on the role of Marvel Studios title character of Moon Knight in the upcoming Disney+ television series. As confirmed by Variety, Isaac is in talks to headline the new Disney+ series Moon Knight as it’s protagonist Marc Spector, a former […]

Eric Bana returns to the big screen with ‘The Dry’

Multi-faceted Australian performer Eric Bana has been absent some time from the big screen, and now he’s ready to make his return in the mysterious and haunting crime story The Dry. Adapted from the best-selling novel by Jane Harper, The Dry has just released its haunting first trailer and thriller audiences will be left intrigued […]

Artistry, power and madness collide in ‘Mank’

Often regarded as the greatest film of all-time, Orson Welles 1941 masterpiece of epic cinema, Citizen Kane, is a film that still inspires to this day and any noted fan of the cinema knows of its power and grandiosity. Now noted director David Fincher takes audiences behind the scheming and power struggles that led to this […]

The magic comes alive with ‘Raya and the Last Dragon’

Building on the grand tradition and legacy of Walt Disney Animation, the geniuses at the house of mouse are now returning to the big screen with an amazing piece of animation that draws on Eastern mythology and martial arts and sets the stage for an incredible cinematic rush with Raya and the Last Dragon. Watch […]

‘Baby Done’ – Review

If there’s one thing that 2020 has proved it’s that we need comedy more than ever before. And offering audiences plenty of delight is Curtis Vowell and Sophie Henderson’s Baby Done, which examines the rushed onset of parenthood and how sometimes the biggest changes in our lives can ultimately be the most rewarding. Wannabe-adventurer Zoe […]

Chris Hemsworth confirms start date for ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’

It’s one of our most anticipated Marvel films to go into production and noted New Zealand filmmaker Taika Waititi’s Thor: Love and Thunder, the much anticipated to his game changing Marvel debut, Thor: Ragnarok is shaping up to be something to be extremely excited for. And now star Chris Hemsworth himself has confirmed that production […]