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‘Midway’ – Review

June 4, 1942. A date of tremendous historical importance which would symbolise the first turning victory of World War II for the Allies and which would showcase one nation’s determination to rise above tragedy and overcome tremendous adversity. This is where Roland Emmerich takes us with Midway and it delivers epic scale and some amazing […]

‘The New Mutants’ arrive with new imagery

For those who have held faith that we’d finally see the long awaited New Mutants film, the goal posts are in sight and following the release of an awesome new trailer we’ve now got a brand new look at the film and our principal cast. A spooky new poster has made it’s way online and […]

New clips emerge for ‘Mulan’

We’re moving fast into 2020 and things are going to start off big for Walt Disney Pictures with the release of the blockbuster action-adventure tale Mulan. Adapted from the classic animated film, Mulan promises plenty of high adventure and New Zealand director Niki Caro has brought together something special for this one. Two new clips […]

Quentin Tarantino offers up love letter to ‘Once Upon A Time… In Hollywood’

It was our favourite film of 2019, and Quentin Tarantino knocked it out of the park with his all-star magnum opus to the art and craft of filmmaking and Tinseltown with Once Upon A Time…In Hollywood. Now in a bold new 28 minute featurette, Tarantino takes audiences behind-the-scenes of the making of Once Upon A […]

New details emerge for ‘Captain Marvel’ sequel

It’s a busy time over at Marvel Studios. Not only do we have the impending arrival of Black Widow, but work is also progressing rapidly on The Eternals, along with Disney+ series The Falcon and the Winter Soldier and WandaVision. Now new details have arrived related to the upcoming Captain Marvel sequel and it’s moving […]

‘Richard Jewell’ – Review

There’s no slowing down for Clint Eastwood, who at 89 years old is still going as strong as ever with his strive for excellence within the cinematic arts. As only the great director can he has now turned his attention to the heartbreaking story of an innocent man who was framed for a crime he […]

Colin Farrell opens up about ‘The Batman’

Production is moving fast on Matt Reeves’ The Batman and Hollywood star Colin Farrell has shed some new light on his work in the film as the villainous Oswald Cobblepot/The Penguin. While promoting his work in Guy Ritchie’s The Gentlemen with Jimmy Kimmel, Farrell was pressed for information on The Batman and confirmed with little […]

‘Like A Boss’ – Review

It’s time to grab your bestie because the laughs arrive hard with Like A Boss and this is one comedy that will have you in a fit of hysterics with its outlandish humour, and makes for one fabulous watch. Two friends with very different personalities start their own beauty company, Mel & Mia’s, despite not […]

New details emerge about dazzling ‘Dune’ footage

New reports have now surfaced that the first footage from Denis Villeneuve’s Dune has been shown to a select panel of Hollywood insider and it has been described as utterly incredible. MovieWeb reported that a select few were treated to some first look footage from Dune, along with new cast interviews highlighting the production, and […]

‘Bad Boys for Life’ – Review

Will Smith and Martin Lawrence are back and ready to roll in Bad Boys for Life as they decide to muscle up one last time to take down some dangerous new bad guys while bringing all kinds of action to the blockbuster screen with them. The Bad Boys, Mike Lowrey and Marcus Burnett are back […]