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‘True History of the Kelly Gang’ rocks outlaw punk flavour

When it comes to directors who are exciting to watch they don’t get more creative than director Justin Kurzel (Macbeth, Snowtown) and now Kurzel is throwing plenty of anarchistic rebellion up on the big screen with the hallucinatory tale of Ned Kelly in True History of the Kelly Gang. Adapted from the critically claimed book […]

New footage shows ‘Watchmen’ which never was

The world is currently ravenous for Watchmen thanks to Damon Lindelof’s new HBO series which is exploring new territory in it’s dramatic mythology and taking audiences for one hell of a trip along the way. This fascination with Alan Moore and Dave Gibbon’s comic book opus is also bringing up new interest in the past […]

‘Knives Out’ – Review

Twists, turns, red-herrings and a mystery most foul await in Rian Johnson’s genius new detective story Knives Out and this one will completely have you spun up in its compelling and clever narrative, making for one of the most intriguing and exciting pieces of cinema to be released all year. Renowned crime novelist Harlan Thrombey […]

Meow with excitement with a new trailer for ‘Cats’

Regarded as one of the greatest stage productions of all time, Andrew Lloyd Weber’s Cats is now ready to hit the big screen and audiences the world over will be treated to an astonishing tale of the search for rebirth and new life. Watch the brand new trailer below: Here’s the official synopsis: Over the […]

A scintillating and scandalous new teaser trailer arrives for ‘Emma’

Jane Austin is getting an upgrade thanks to a brand adaptation of her classic comedy coming-of-age story Emma starring rising star Anya Taylor-Joy, and this new adaptation from director Autumn de Wilde is packed full of plenty of naughty scandal and serious sex appeal. Watch the all-new trailer below: Here’s the official synopsis: Jane Austen’s […]

A classic adventure lies ahead in ‘The Call of the Wild’

Jack London’s 1903 novel, The Call of the Wild, is regarded as one of the greatest pieces of literature of the 20th century and now the adventures of the dog Buck are set to arrive on the big screen, and it promises to be one incredible rush. Watch the amazing new trailer below: Here’s the […]

The Mandalorian – Season One – ‘The Child’

Episode One of The Mandalorian completely pulled me into its narrative and its shocking twist at the end of the episode promised plenty of surprises ahead. Episode Two, ‘The Child’ delivered on those surprises and you again offered up another amazing viewing experience. Following The Mandalorian as he attempts to make his way back to […]

‘The Mandalorian’ – Season One – ‘Chapter 1’

The arrival of Disney+ brings wioth it a host of exciting new content, and one release that stands above all the rest in the incredible new and first ever live-action adaptation of the Star Wars franchise in The Mandalorian. Following the adventures of a nameless Mandalorian bounty hunter who scours the edges of the galaxy […]

‘Knives Out’ – Giveaway

Talented filmmaker Rian Johnson (Brick, Looper) is back behind the camera and he’s ready to take audiences on one incredible mystery with Daniel Craig in the lead in the clever ensemble piece that is Knives Out….and there’s plenty of suspects in this twisting tale. Renowned crime novelist Harlan Thrombey (Christopher Plummer) is found dead at […]

Disney+ arrives on the scene

IT’S HERE! After much waiting, and a lot of fanfare and excitement, the brand new Disney+ platform has arrived and it is nothing short of magnificent! Disney+, the highly anticipated streaming service from The Walt Disney Company, launched today in Australia and New Zealand. With over 600 films and 7,000 episodes of television from Disney, […]