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Venture inside the visual scope of Sam Mendes ‘1917’

One of 2020’s most exciting releases is Sam Mendes 1917, his first film since 2015’s Spectre, 1917 will take audiences deep into the trenches of the Western Front and Mendes and his team, which includes the phenomenal cinematographer Roger Deakins, have been working to craft something truly unique here. In a brand new featurette, Mendes […]

New posters arrive for ‘No Time To Die’

Kevin Feige is about to step things up with new ‘Star Wars’ film

If there’s one man who currently rules all of Hollywood then it’s definitely Kevin Feige. This incredible producing force continues to break records with all of his MCU films, and is currently the reigning Hollywood king after Avengers: Endgame took in 2.796 billion at the box office. Now Feige is making a sidestep over into […]

New posters arrive for ‘No Time To Die’

James Gunn offers up new details for ‘The Suicide Squad’

Alongside Matt Reeves’ The Batman, James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad is one of 2021’s most anticipated films and now the visionary director has treated fans to the official cast as he moves to kickstart production in Atlanta. Gunn took to Instagram to confirm the film’s official cast and it’s a line-up to get excited about. […]

New posters arrive for ‘No Time To Die’