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Get ready to experience the unkown in new trailer for ‘Lost in Space’

Get ready for plenty of danger because Lost in Space is set to return to Netflix in a stunning new adaptation. The all-new series again follows the adventures of the Robinson family as they find themselves lost amongst the cosmos after their spaceship runs adrift. Check out the brand new trailer below: TV veterans Toby […]

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Get ready for a crazy sci-fi ride with Joel Kinnaman in ‘Altered Carbon’

Actor Joel Kinnaman has been rising up the ladder pretty damn quickly in Hollywood with great roles in projects such as The Killing, Suicide Squad and House of Cards. Now he’s set to take the reigns of the lead in Netflix’s ambitious new science fiction series Altered Carbon which has just released its first trailer. […]

Get ready to roll out with ‘Mayans MC’

Tension grips the monarchy in new trailer for ‘The Crown’

It was an obsession that quickly swept through Netflix, and now eager fans can await the second season of The Crown following the release of a fantastic new trailer. Check it out below: Season two of The Crown finds the monarchy in crisis, with the British public and the greater Commonwealth questioning its relevancy after […]

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Final trailer for ‘The Punisher’ arrives with a vengeance

Netflix’s The Punisher series is one of the most anticipated debuts of this year, and following Jon Bernthal’s acclaimed performance as Frank Castle in Daredevil, fans and audiences are very excited for what awaits in the new series. The final trailer has been released and with it the long-awaited premiere date for the series. Check it […]

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Taylor Kistch stuns in first trailer for ‘Waco’

While he’s known for his tough guy demeanour and action man status, Taylor Kitsch is taking a very different stance channelling true-life cult leader David Koresh in Waco, a six-part miniseries that chronicles the infamous Waco Siege that lasted 51 days and stunned the entire world. Kitsch has completely transformed himself into Koresh, the charismatic […]

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