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Zack Snyder talks the Snyder Cut

We’re just over two weeks away from the release of Zack Snyder’s Justice League, an ambitious four-hour cut that is true to director Zack Snyder’s complete vision for this film and its characters. And now Snyder has taken audiences behind-the-scenes of the film in a special fan event. As a part of IGN’s Fan Fest […]

‘WandaVision’ – ‘Previously On’ – Review

Things took a drastic turn in last week’s episode of WandaVision ‘Breaking the Fourth Wall’, and in that episode’s final moments the rug was firmly pulled out from Wanda Maximoff’s feet and the illusion of the Westview Anamoly was flipped on its head. A darker, more dangerous threat arose thanks to the presence of Kathryn […]

‘Supernova’ – Review

What does it mean to love. And to loss. How do the relationships we share define us and shape us as people. And how do we cope when these relationships sadly have to be let go. These are the central questions of Harry Macqueen’s breathtakingly raw exploration of love and its meaning in Supernova. And you’ll […]

Brace yourself for guns, money, zombies and Vegas in ‘Army of the Dead’

Visual maestro Zack Snyder is returning to the director’s chair, hot off the restoration of Justice League, Snyder is back to mine another familiar genre and is returning to the scene of the zombie apocalypse for Army of the Dead. And this first teaser looks mental! Watch the full teaser trailer for Army of the […]