‘Born Racer’ – Review

What does it mean to go fast? To live your live dedicated to the pursuit of speed and wanting to feel the rush of the win. That’s exactly where we find ourselves in an exhilarating new documentary that takes us inside the mind of New Zealand racing superstar Scott Dixon, a five time IndyCar champion […]

‘Halloween’ – Review

Draw your curtains, lock your doors and pray for survival because October 31st is fast approaching and the ultimate evil that is Michael Myers is set to return 40 years on to bring you horrific nightmares of terror in Halloween. Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) comes face-to-face for one final encounter with Michael Myers, 40 […]

‘A Star Is Born’ – Review

Some film’s wrap you in passion and bring out the fire within you and A Star Is Born is definitely one of them. This extraordinary piece of cinema from actor turned director Bradley Cooper is one of this year’s most incredible releases and every single moment will have you mesmerized. They simply don’t get much […]