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‘Dead Still’ – ‘Photochemistry’ – Review

Searching out unique television experiences that are truly unique can be a rare find indeed, not so with Dead Still, an outrageously original Irish six-part miniseries which introduces the audience to a by-gone historical art, and mixes in a good dose of black comedy, and scary thrills for an experience that will certainly hook viewers […]

‘Perry Mason’ – ‘Chapter 1’ – Review

Free streaming for those in need of a self-isolation binge

As time get uncertain for us during this COVID-19 outbreak, one thing that is certain is that audiences should move to make-up their own television binge lists as the idea of self-isolation becomes a real thing. To ease the prospect of self-isolation, Acorn TV gave extended its free trial offer to new users. Now running […]

‘Daredevil’ rights set to return to Marvel in six months

Acorn TV offering up best of British television

For those after a Brit-fix, a new wave of compelling crime and drama shows is now available for the first time in New Zealand via streaming service Acorn TV from AMC Networks. North America’s most popular streaming service for a largely British slate of television, the service now sees shows including Victoria, Line of Duty, […]

‘Daredevil’ rights set to return to Marvel in six months