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‘Reacher’ – ‘First Dance’ – Review

Lee Child’s lone-wolf hero Jack Reacher has rolled into town and it’s clear after episode one, ‘Welcome to Margrave‘, that Amazon Prime’s exciting new action series, Reacher packs one hell of punch. We know roll into Episode Two, ‘First Dance’ and a seriously pissed off Reacher is looking for answers and damn anyone who gets […]

‘House of the Dragon’ – ‘A Son for a Son’ – Review

‘Reacher’ – ‘Welcome to Margrave’ – Review

When it comes to modern-day heroes they get come bigger, stronger, faster or braver than Lee Child’s Jack Reacher. The title character of more than 27 bestsellers, Jack Reacher is an utter force of a character and now he arrives on screen in Amazon Prime’s intense new thriller series Reacher. And this is a series […]

‘House of the Dragon’ – ‘A Son for a Son’ – Review

‘The Wheel of Time’ – An interview with Madeleine Madden and Zoë Robins

Amazon Prime’s The Wheel of Time has taken audiences by storm the world over and presents a brand new take on the fantasy genre with a powerful narrative, strong characters, imaginative worldbuilding, breathtaking production detail and intense action. We were very lucky to be able to speak with series’ stars Madeleine Madden and Zoë Robins, […]

‘Paper Girls’ – An interview with Riley Lai Nelet, Camryn Jones and Fina Strazza