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Get ready for the ‘anti’ in antihero with ‘The Boys’

Heroes. Who needs em. Clearly not this group of badass bruisers who are keen on visiting plenty of pain onto the ‘superheroes’ of their world in The Boys. Check out the first teaser below: The satire is readily present here as this PR promotional video tries to capture the extraordinary heroism and day-to-day goodwill of […]

The first trailer for ‘The Witcher’ is here

A violent end promised for ‘Banshee’

There’s only one end for Antony Starr’s criminal-turned-sheriff, Lucas Hood, in the final season of Banshee…..and it’s not going to be pretty. These brand new teasers promise plenty of intense action as the violent and chaotic events in Banshee, Pennsylvania draw to a close. Prepare for eight episodes of mayhem when Banshee’s final season premieres April 1.

The first trailer for ‘The Witcher’ is here