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Get a new look at ‘The New Mutants’ courtesy of Comic Con At Home

With COVID-19 still reigning supreme around the world, this year’s San Diego Comic Con has taken the digital route, and many of this year’s big panels, including the panel for the much anticipated The New Mutants, has gone digital and fans were treated to a special panel that teased out the film which has confirmed […]

Ben Affleck finds next directorial project with ‘The Big Goodbye’

A scintillating and scandalous new teaser trailer arrives for ‘Emma’

Jane Austin is getting an upgrade thanks to a brand adaptation of her classic comedy coming-of-age story Emma starring rising star Anya Taylor-Joy, and this new adaptation from director Autumn de Wilde is packed full of plenty of naughty scandal and serious sex appeal. Watch the all-new trailer below: Here’s the official synopsis: Jane Austen’s […]

The first trailer for ‘Judas and the Black Messiah’ is here

‘The New Mutants’ promises a horrific rollercoaster of mutant terror

While many of us would see mutant powers as some very cool to possess, director Josh Boone is taking the opposite approach with The New Mutants. The director casts aside any notion of coolness or glamour and instead the idea of mutant abilities is something that incites fear and absolute terror. Check out the new trailer below: […]

The first trailer for ‘Judas and the Black Messiah’ is here

Witness the creation of a leader with first official trailer for ‘Barry’

His second term as President might be coming to an end soon, but people’s desire to known more about Barack Obama is stronger than ever. It’s just as well that Vikram Gandhi made a film about Obama’s life at Columbia University, which gives audiences a look at the man who would one day become a hero […]

Witness the origin of evil in ‘Ratched’