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Arnold Schwarzenegger goes nuts in ‘Killing Gunther’

Arnold Schwarzenegger is churning out films at the moment, and the action star goes total McGruber with his new slapstick action comedy Killing Gunther. Check out the hilarious new trailer below: Here’s the synopsis: A group of low rent and idiotic assassins attempt to kill the legendary Gunther (Schwarzenegger) for bragging rights. Schwarzenegger looks like […]

Lock and load with first trailer for ‘Triple Frontier’

First scene revealed for ‘Legend of Conan’

We’ve long been waiting for Hollywood action legend Arnold Schwarzenegger to return to the barbarian character that started it all, and now it looks like things are getting closer to production on the long-gestating Legend of Conan. In an interview with /Film, screenwriter Will Beall revealed that the new film will pick up where John Milius’ […]

‘Captain Marvel’ – Top Five Trailer Moments

Arnie’s Back For Terminator Genisys

‘I’ll be back.’ Three words that changed cinema forever in 1984 when said by Arnold Schwarzenegger’s uncontrollable killing machine The Terminator, and now thirty years later Arnie is returning to the franchise that made him a star. In a brand new featurette, cast and crew discuss the significance of having Arnold Schwarzenegger return to his most memorable character. […]