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The CW unites its DC heroes for all star crossover event ‘Invasion’

Green Arrow, Supergirl, The Flash and the Legends of Tomorrow are joining forces for an event television series unlike anything we’ve seen before, beginning with a special episode of Supergirl entitled ‘Heroes v Aliens’ which will form The CW’s third ever event series titled ‘Invasion!’. Check out the phenomenal trailer below: Here’s the synopsis: When a […]

A timeless classic returns in ‘Watership Down’

SDCC 2016: The ‘Legends of Tomorrow’ are in for a very wild ride in season two

When you take a trip through time, prepare for the unexpected, and that’s exactly what’s in store for the Legends of Tomorrow when the Time Lords are destroyed, and the very balance of the universe is thrown into chaos. Since its surprise debut, Legends of Tomorrow has taken the world by storm, and season two looks […]

A timeless classic returns in ‘Watership Down’

SDCC 2016: ‘The Flash’ season three will be a real storm

Barry Allen has indeed turned…and there will be repercussions as we move into season three of The Flash, which has released its brand new trailer as a part of Comic-Con 2016. It certainly looks like a wild ride, and most importantly we’ll see the introduction of Geoff Johns and Andy Kubert’s groundbreaking graphic novel Flashpoint, which really shook […]

A timeless classic returns in ‘Watership Down’

SDCC 2016: ‘Arrow’ season five trailer promises new ‘Team Arrow’

Laurel Lance was taken from Oliver Queen, and he’ll never be the same again. Now Star City’s greatest vigilante is moving into the political sphere, and adopting a new public face. But does that mean his vigilante days are over? If we know Oliver, not a chance. The brand new trailer for Arrow season five, […]

A timeless classic returns in ‘Watership Down’

Arrow Finds Its Demon

Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) has battled the Dark Archer and the Undertaking in season one, and faced the brutality of Slade Wilson a.k.a Deathstroke during season two. However, as Arrow nears its third season, Oliver faces the impending chaos and brutality of the demon himself: Ra’s al Ghul (translated as Head of the Demon), set […]