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Billy Bob Thornton is ready for a very jolly Christmas in ‘Bad Santa 2’ red band trailer

Christmas is less than 12 weeks away, and Billy Bob Thornton is going to make it a memorable one as he returns as the foul-mouthed Willie T. Stokes in Bad Santa 2. The film’s red band trailer has just been released, and it’s promising all kinds of debauchery for the new instalment which finds Willie re-teaming […]

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Get ready for a raunchy festive season with the ‘Bad Santa 2’ redband trailer

Billy Bob Thornton will be returning as Willie T. Stoke in Bad Santa 2, because it just  wouldn’t be Christmas without him. The film’s new redband trailer has made its way online, and there’s still no limit to the offensiveness that Thornton is ready to throw at audiences. Check it out below: Bad Santa 2 will […]

Taron Egerton soars in ‘Rocketman’