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Guillermo del Toro brings a witchy film noir edge to ‘Nightmare Alley’

When it comes to crafting original cinematic visual spectacles Academy Award winner Guillermo del Toro is a filmmaker who delivers every single time. And now he steps away from the horror and fantasy genre and is jumping headfirst into the realm of film noir with the intense new psychological thriller Nightmare Alley. Here’s the official […]

Freedom belongs to the fearless in Jeff Nichol’s ‘The Bikeriders’

Set your eyes upon the film noir edge of ‘Nightmare Alley’

We recently got our first look at Guillermo del Toro’s much anticipated new film Nightmare Alley, a spooky psychological noir thriller that is set to examine man’s dark instincts, and now we have a fantastic further look at it with the all-new trailer. Watch the brand new trailer for Nightmare Alley below:  Here’s the […]

Freedom belongs to the fearless in Jeff Nichol’s ‘The Bikeriders’

Cate Blanchett gets evil for ‘Thor: Ragnarok’

Marvel fans are salivating with just weeks to go until the release of Taika Waiti’s Thor: Ragnarok and Academy Award-winning actress Cate Blanchett look’s ready to steal the show as bad girl villainess Hela. As the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s first ever villainess Blanchett is seriously raising the stakes as Hela, the Norse goddess of death, […]

Bill Skarsgard is a spirit of vengeance in ‘The Crow’

The god of thunder returns in first teaser for ‘Thor: Ragnarok’

Chris Hemsworth sees his power cut in two in the exciting first teaser for Thor: Ragnarok. Check it out below: Here’s the synopsis: Held captive on the alien world of Sakaar without his hammer, Thor (Hemsworth), must win a gladiatorial fight against his former ally – The Hulk (Mark Ruffolo) – in order to escape […]

Freedom belongs to the fearless in Jeff Nichol’s ‘The Bikeriders’