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The legend gets punk in ‘True History of the Kelly Gang’

It’s one of 2020’s most hotly awaited releases and now we’ve got a crazy new trailer that have arrived for True History of the Kelly Gang! Check out the new trailer below: Here’s the official synopsis: Spanning the younger years of Ned Kelly’s (George MacKay) life to the time leading up to his death, the […]

The brand new trailer for ‘Ghostbusters: Afterlife’ is here

‘True History of the Kelly Gang’ rocks outlaw punk flavour

When it comes to directors who are exciting to watch they don’t get more creative than director Justin Kurzel (Macbeth, Snowtown) and now Kurzel is throwing plenty of anarchistic rebellion up on the big screen with the hallucinatory tale of Ned Kelly in True History of the Kelly Gang. Adapted from the critically claimed book […]

The brand new trailer for ‘Ghostbusters: Afterlife’ is here

Take your first look at ‘True History of the Kelly Gang’

When it comes to outlaw legends they don’t come bigger than Ned Kelly, the famed Australian bushranger who waged a guerrilla war throughout the outback and who continues to have mass cultural appeal throughout Australia and the world. Now Kelly’s rogue life is to be brought to the big screen once more in True History […]

Matt Damon talks co-writing ‘The Last Duel’ with Ben Affleck

Lock and load with first trailer for ‘Triple Frontier’

Netflix is ready to go all out in their intense new action thriller Triple Frontier and this all-star action vehicle will definitely have you pumped! Check out the full-on trailer below: Five Special Forces veterans – Tom ‘Redfly’ Davis (Ben Affleck), Santiago ‘Pope’ Garcia (Oscar Issac), William ‘Ironhead’ Miller (Charlie Hunnam), Ben Miller (Garrett Hedlund) […]

The brand new trailer for ‘Ghostbusters: Afterlife’ is here

Charlie Hunnam falls into hell in ‘Papillon’ trailer

Anytime Charlie Hunnam has a new project coming out I get particularly excited and his latest film, Papillon will certainly test audiences with its brutal look at prison culture and its focus on one man’s incredible quest for freedom. Check out the trailer below: Here’s the synopsis: Papillon follows the epic story of Henri “Papillon” […]

The brand new trailer for ‘Ghostbusters: Afterlife’ is here