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Enter the savage heart of the Jungle with ‘Mowgli’ trailer

There are no dancing animals this time. Instead Andy Serkis invites audiences to a stunning adaptation of The Jungle Book which draws from the very essence of Rudyard Kipling’s source material with this epic adventure story in Mowgli. The new trailer is here and it is packed out with incredible footage. Watch it below: Here’s […]

Past horrors flood to the surface with ‘Doctor Sleep’

Christian Bale wanders into the badlands in first teaser for ‘Hostiles’

Christian Bale has been absent from the big screen for some time now, but his newest project, Hostiles, looks like a very worthy return to form for the megastar. Here’s the official synopsis: Bitter and weary after a long posting, U.S. Cavalry officer Captain Joseph J. Blocker (Bale) is charged by his superiors to lead […]

Past horrors flood to the surface with ‘Doctor Sleep’