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‘The Brothers Grimsby’ gets the red band treatment

Filled with crazy gags and a bit of dirty humour, the brand new trailer for The Brothers Grimsby has gotten even more excited for Sacha Baron Cohen’s latest role. When idiotic football hooligan Norman ‘Nobby’ Grimsby (Sacha Baron Cohen) decides to bond with his estranged brother Sebastian (Mark Strong), he thinks all his dreams have come […]

Lock and load with first trailer for ‘Triple Frontier’

Melissa McCarthy is all business in ‘The Boss’

Melissa McCarthy isn’t holding back in this new R-rated trailer for The Boss.  McCarthy stars as Michelle Darnell, America’s richest women, whose business empire is shattered when she is sent to prison for insider trading. When she’s finally released, Michelle turns to her former assistant Claire (Kristen Bell) for help, and hatches the idea to start […]

Lock and load with first trailer for ‘Triple Frontier’