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‘The Magnificent Seven’ are quick on the draw in new trailer

The western genre has been making a resurgence in recent years thanks to films like Django Unchained and The Hateful Eight, and now Antoine Fuqua is stepping up to the plate, bringing with him a new vision for The Magnificent Seven, which has just released a new trailer: When the town of Rose Krick is […]

Freedom comes with a price in latest trailer for ‘The Bikeriders’

Get ready for gunslinging action with ‘The Magnificent Seven’

Hard-hitting director Antoine Fuqua and blockbuster star Denzel Washington are stepping back into the old west in a reimagining of The Magnificent Seven In addition to Washington, the cast includes Chris Pratt, Ethan Hawke, Vincent D’Onofrio, Haley Bennett, Matt Bomer, Byung-hun Lee, Vinnie Jones and Peter Sarsgaard as the film’s main villain. Thanks to USA Today we have a brand […]

Sir Ridley Scott’s ‘Gladiator II’ wows audiences at CinemaCon