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Joe Manganiello goes for it with ‘Archenemy’ – Comic Con At Home

We’re all about the multiple online panels that are a part of this year’s Comic Con At Home experience, and one of the most interesting films being promoted is Adam Egypt Mortimer’s Archenemy which will star Joe Manganiello as its lead character Max Fist. A unique production courtesy of Legion M, a fan run crowdfunding […]

Michael Meyers pulls out the knife for ‘Halloween Kills’

Details emerge for Ben Affleck’s cancelled ‘Batman’ movie

In movies that we never got to see, but which still spark our curiosity, Ben Affleck’s The Batman certainly ranks at the top of the list. While the actor sparked considerable controversy with his performance as the Dark Knight, I myself was very pro Batfleck and was intrigued by what Affleck would have done with […]

Michael Meyers pulls out the knife for ‘Halloween Kills’

Joe Manganiello cast as Deathstroke in solo ‘Batman’ film

After countless rumours and an epic tease from star Ben Affleck, Variety has now confirmed that the hunky Joe Manganiello has now been cast in the role of lethal mercenary Slade Wilson/Deathstroke in the live action DC Cinematic Universe. Manganiello’s casting was confirmed via DC Comics CCO Geoff Johns in an interview with the Wall […]

Michael Meyers pulls out the knife for ‘Halloween Kills’