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The final trailer for ‘The Boys’ takes things up a notch

If there is one superhero television show we are very much looking forward to then it is most definitely The Boys, and this hard-R extreme fest of violence and chaos will knock audiences back into their seats! Watch the final trailer below: Here’s the full synopsis: In a world where superheroes embrace the darker side […]

The ferocious new trailer for ‘The Dead Lands’ has arrived

Get ready for the ‘anti’ in antihero with ‘The Boys’

Heroes. Who needs em. Clearly not this group of badass bruisers who are keen on visiting plenty of pain onto the ‘superheroes’ of their world in The Boys. Check out the first teaser below: The satire is readily present here as this PR promotional video tries to capture the extraordinary heroism and day-to-day goodwill of […]

The ferocious new trailer for ‘The Dead Lands’ has arrived

‘Pete’s Dragon’ final trailer promises an epic adventure

It can be exhausting being a film fan living in a world of constant remakes, but this looks simply enchanting. Pete’s Dragon is Disney’s latest attempt to blend old school magic with modern technology, and by the looks of the film’s final trailer, it will be a must-watch for families of all ages. Here’s the synopsis: For years, […]

The wonder returns in ‘Wonder Woman 1984’

KidsCan and Paramount Pictures NZ have partnered for an advanced screening of ‘Star Trek: Beyond’

Some lucky New Zealand based Star Trek fans have every reason to be excited, with Kidscan and Paramount Pictures NZ having announced a very exclusive event set to happen in Auckland this month. Fans in Auckland have being given the opportunity to be among the first in the world to see Justin Lin’s highly anticipated film Star Trek: Beyond, thanks […]

Five Films To Watch Before You See ‘Joker’