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Love is a powerful force in new featurette for ‘The Mountain Between Us’

Two strangers who are caught up in a terrible accident are left stranded from civilization in an inhospitable region of the globe with only one another to survive. So goes the story for Hany Abu-Assad’s adaptation of The Mountain Between Us starring Idris Elba and Kate Winslet. A brand new featurette has just been released […]

Henry Cavill to return as Superman for future projects

Will Smith gets in touch with the forces of the universe in ‘Collateral Beauty’

Will Smith has been on a roll lately with a diverse range of projects that have seen him stretch as a performer, but his latest film, Collateral Beauty is likely to be his most challenging performance to date. After a tragic event robs him of his zest for life, advertising executive Howard Inlet (Smith) falls […]

The new trailer for ‘Tenet’ is here