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‘Luke Cage’ hits the mark in so many ways

Marvel has done fans proud with every new TV adaptation, from the surprising twists in Agents of Shield to the next-level fight sequences in Netflix’s Daredevil. However, much like Jessica Jones, which touched on everything from PTSD to consent, Luke Cage has tackled a number of real, raw and current issues head-on, with the kind of power that could rival its titular hero, […]

‘Perry Mason’ – ‘Chapter Two’ – Review

Final ‘Luke Cage’ trailer gives us more of the bad guys

Now THAT’S a damn trailer! With Marvel’s Luge Cage series set for release this Friday, Netlix has been amping up promotions, releasing a final, thrilling ‘streets’ trailer. This time the focus is put on the big bads of the season, including Alfre Woodard’s shady politician Mariah Dillard, and Mahershala Ali’s king pin character, Cornell “Cottonmouth” Stokes. While Luke […]

Everything is about to go to hell in ‘Narcos: Mexico’ Season Two

SDCC 2016: Official ‘Luke Cage’ teaser released by Netflix

After two successful seasons of Daredevil and one hell of a thrill ride with Jessica Jones, Marvel and Netflix are gearing up to release the magnificent Luke Cage series that fans have been begging for. The series stars Mike Colter as the titular character, who was left with super strength and unbreakable skin after a sabotaged experiment. He then […]

Everything is about to go to hell in ‘Narcos: Mexico’ Season Two