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The blockbuster action of ‘Midway’ arrives in brand new trailer

The heavy drama of the front line of World War II is set to come to the big screen in Roland Emmerich’s Midway, and this is one blockbuster that aims to go big. Watch the brand new trailer below: Here’s the full synopsis: The film follows the story of US Navy sailors and aviators who […]

Brace yourself for guns, money, zombies and Vegas in ‘Army of the Dead’

The battle for freedom rages in ‘Midway’

When it comes to all-star blockbuster filmmaking director Roland Emmerich really knows how to hit it out of the park. Now the director turns to WWII’s Pacific Theatre to tell the climatic story of the Battle of Midway in a monumental event that changed the world forever. Watch the explosive new trailer below: Here’s the […]

Brace yourself for guns, money, zombies and Vegas in ‘Army of the Dead’

‘This Is Us’ is the touching drama we all need in our lives

Television is without a doubt leading the way in terms of outstanding writing, inclusiveness and addictive storylines. From high stakes political fare like House of Cards to creepy and downright frightening shows like American Horror Story, television has arguably become more ambitious and impressive than most movies churned out through the Hollywood system. But one new offering from NBC has caught […]

‘WandaVision’ – ‘Breaking the Fourth Wall’ – Review