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Alex Garland promises to warp your mind with ‘Annihilation’

In 2015 writer/director Alex Garland took us for one hell of a mind trip with his freaky science fiction work Ex Machina, and now with Annihilation, it looks like he’ll be doing it all over again. Annihilation follows the actions of Lena (Natalie Portman), a biologist who along with a select scientific team comprising a […]

The unsettling new trailer for ‘Midsommar’ arrives

Natalie Portman is breathtaking in the new trailer for ‘Jackie’

Natalie Portman has given a number of strong performances throughout her career so far, but as it turns out, we have’t even seen the extent of her talents yet. A new trailer for the Jackie Kennedy biopic, Jackie, was just released today, going further into the hardships this brilliant woman faced in the wake of her […]

The unsettling new trailer for ‘Midsommar’ arrives

Natalie Portman is a serious Oscar contender in ‘Jackie’ trailer

“People like to believe in fairy tales. Don’t let it be forgot that for one brief shining moment, there was a Camelot. There won’t be another Camelot. Not another Camelot.” These words, spoken by Natalie Portman as Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis in the upcoming film Jackie, seem to hold so much weight, which is not surprising given the subject […]

The unsettling new trailer for ‘Midsommar’ arrives