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Robert Pattinson gets shredded for ‘The Batman’

The Batman is currently filming, and everyone’s collective focus is pulled together around just what will be the result of Robert Pattinson’s turn as Bruce Wayne/Batman. While he’s shown that he’s a performer that gives 100% to his performances, a large and crucial part to the character of Batman his raw strength and athletic ability […]

The action jumps forward in new ‘Tenet’ spot

The first trailer for Christopher Nolan’s ‘Tenet’ arrives

When it comes to filmmakers who are masters of the cinematic experience Christopher Nolan is the king! Known for crafting cinema that completely wraps up his audience in extremely original concepts Nolan now presents his new groundbreaking work in the unique spy thriller Tenet…and this one will grab your attention! Watch the brand new trailer […]

The new trailer for ‘Tenet’ is here

Take your first look at Christopher Nolan’s ‘Tenet’

When it comes to Hollywood’s reigning Hollywood king visionary director Christopher Nolan certainly holds that title at the moment. With every film the director embarks on the stakes are always raised and his last film, the ensemble war epic Dunkirk really left audiences speechless thanks to the craft and talent in which it was delivered. […]

The new trailer for ‘Tenet’ is here