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‘Pam & Tommy’ – ‘Destroyer of Worlds’ – Review

It’s crunch time for Pamela Anderson in Episode Seven of Pam & Tommy, ‘Destroyer of Worlds’, as the premiere looms for Pamela’s big-budget blockbuster movie Barb Wire and the judgement on the Penthouse lawsuit is soon to be released, and mixed into all this nervous tension is would-be adult entertainment entrepreneur Rand Gauthier (Seth Rogen) […]

‘Coup de chance’ – Review

‘Pam & Tommy’ – ‘Pamela In Wonderland’ – Review

The events of Disney+’s hit dramatic true-life story Pam & Tommy takes a roundabout turn as we delve back into Pamela Anderson’s past and the road that took her to where she’s currently at. Filled with an equal measure of dreams and heartbreak, Episode Six, ‘Pamela in Wonderland’ is the most dramatic episode of the […]

‘House of the Dragon’ – ‘A Son for a Son’ – Review

‘Pam & Tommy’ – ‘Uncle Jim and Aunt Susie in Duluth’ – Review

Episode Five of Pam & Tommy has arrived on Disney+ and we’re getting into the juicy stuff as a media firestorm surrounds the hard-living A-list couple and we see the immense power of the internet and capitalism at play. And neither of them kind hide from those imposing duel shadows. Following on from a tragic […]

‘House of the Dragon’ – ‘A Son for a Son’ – Review

‘Pam & Tommy’ – ‘I Love You, Tommy’ – Review

Episode One of the much-hyped new miniseries Pam & Tommy, ‘Drilling and Pounding’ got things rolling with a sordid tale of Hollywood excess and the revelation of a very private videotape. Now in Episode Two, ‘I Love You, Tommy’ we’re about to go back in time and focus on a very scandalous love affair. And […]

‘House of the Dragon’ – ‘A Son for a Son’ – Review

‘Pam & Tommy’ – ‘Drilling and Pounding’ – Review

Get ready to go back to the hard-rocking 1990s for a tale of love, sex, privacy, the internet and sheer Hollywood debauchery in the much-hyped true-life scandalous tale of Pam & Tommy. Deadbeat carpenter Rand Gauthier (Seth Rogen) is busy at work on constructing a state of the art love palace for two of Hollywood’s […]

‘House of the Dragon’ – ‘A Son for a Son’ – Review