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Mutation becomes a reality in ‘The Gifted’

20th Century Fox continues to own the superhero genre with brilliant comic book adaptations on both the big and small screens with titles like Deadpool and Legion. Now the studio is taking audiences into the reality of what it would be like to find yourself with mutant powers in The Gifted. Check out the new trailer […]

The energy ramps up in the brand new trailer for ‘Warrior’ season two

There’s something really wrong with Tye Sheridan in ‘Detour’

Tye Sheridan has made a name for himself as the likeable, wholesome boy-next-door with performances in films such as Joe and X-Men: Apocalypse, but his next starring role promises to derail that image pretty quickly. Here’s the synopsis: Harper (Sheridan), a young law student, begins to steadily lose all sense of right and wrong after the […]

A new adventure awaits in ‘The Croods: A New Age’