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An exceptional cinematic experience awaits with ‘Waves’

Cinemas are beginning to open up again, and things are starting to get back to normal, and that’s something we can all be excited about. At SpicyPulp, we’re very excited that cinemas complexes are beginning to open up again, and one evocative piece of dramatic cinema, director Trey Edward Shults’s Waves is a film we […]

Margot Robbie unleashes her bad girl in ‘Dreamland’

The action gets grungy in ‘The Rhythm Section’

Blake Lively has been changing things up in her career recently. Trying to move past her bubbly image, the actress has taken on some pretty hard hitting projects, including the scintillating mystery A Simple Favor and ocean horror The Shallows. Now the Hollywood starlet is throwing herself head first into the action arena with The […]

Margot Robbie unleashes her bad girl in ‘Dreamland’

‘This Is Us’ is the touching drama we all need in our lives

Television is without a doubt leading the way in terms of outstanding writing, inclusiveness and addictive storylines. From high stakes political fare like House of Cards to creepy and downright frightening shows like American Horror Story, television has arguably become more ambitious and impressive than most movies churned out through the Hollywood system. But one new offering from NBC has caught […]

‘The Mandalorian’ – Season 2 – ‘The Jedi’ – Review