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‘Gen V’ – ‘Welcome to the Monster Club’ – Review

Episode by episode Gen V is getting crazier by the minute, and just when you were about to go ‘what the fuck’, this series takes a hell of a dramatic u-turn, and Episode Five, ‘Welcome to the Monster Club’ is a thoroughly introspective watch that opens up the narrative and showcases where our ‘supes’ motivations lie. The gang wakes […]

‘Gen V’ – ‘Guardians of Godolkin’ – Review

‘Gen V’ – ‘God U’ – Review

When it comes to addictive television, audiences need look no further than The Boys, the excessively violent, foul-mouthed and socially satirical comic book series that has swept across Prime Video like wildfire and now has a legion of adoring fans. And for those salivating for their Billy Butcher/Homelander fix, Gen V has arrived and introduces […]

‘Gen V’ – ‘Guardians of Godolkin’ – Review