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Step inside the future with the brand new trailer for ‘Ready Player One’

If there’s one film that will surely be the spectacle of 2018 then it’s definitely Steven Spielberg’s highly anticipated adaptation of Ernest Cline’s cult novel Ready Player One. Tha brand new trailer has been released and it is a visual rollercoaster sparkling with breathtaking imagery. Check it out below: Here’s the synopsis: Set in the […]

Step into the intensity of ‘Silk Road’

There’s something really wrong with Tye Sheridan in ‘Detour’

Tye Sheridan has made a name for himself as the likeable, wholesome boy-next-door with performances in films such as Joe and X-Men: Apocalypse, but his next starring role promises to derail that image pretty quickly. Here’s the synopsis: Harper (Sheridan), a young law student, begins to steadily lose all sense of right and wrong after the […]

Step into the intensity of ‘Silk Road’