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‘Love & Death’ – Review

The true crime drama continues to grip audiences with an iron-like grip and one of America’s most shocking legal cases, the sordid true life story of adulteress axe murderer Candy Montgomery is brought to audiences in the gripping new miniseries Love & Death. Candy Montgomery (Elizabeth Olsen) is a quiet housewife who, overnight, decides to […]

‘Citadel’ – Review

More and more Prime Video is the place to be for high-stakes entertainment and their latest original series, Citadel, an all-in intense spy thriller is set to change the game on what it means to produce original narrative content. Eight years ago, Citadel fell. The independent global spy agency – tasked to uphold the safety […]

Brace yourself for the conspiracy edge of Marvel Studios’ ‘Secret Invasion’

Hollywood legend and MCU all-star Samuel L. Jackson is ready to bring it with his return as Nick Fury, the former commander of SHIELD turned rogue operative agent who is ready to face down a chilling and dangerous intergalactic conspiracy that threatens all of Earth in Marvel Studios’ Secret Invasion. The all-new trailer has finally […]

Feel the rush of ‘Citadel’ in all-new trailer

For action junkies looking for their fix, there’s no better place to be right now than Prime Video. Series such as Reacher, The Terminal List and Jack Ryan have delivered a new standard in-long form action storytelling. Now, the action is about to get taken up a notch thanks to the Russo Brothers and their […]

‘Perry Mason’ – Season Two – Review

There’s trouble in the city of angels, and when the truth is the only thing that can lead to justice battling lawyer Perry Mason (Matthew Rhys) is the man you want in your corner. The hit HBO show returns for its much anticipated second season so prepare for plenty of white-knuckle tension and sordid storytelling […]

Prepare for a pulse-pounding action rush with ‘Citadel’

Prime Video keeps upping the game and in an incredible new partnership with the Russo Brothers (Avengers; Endgame), the giant streaming service is making its most ambitious move yet with Citadel, a truly global series that throws audiences head first into a hell of an action-adventure rush. Watch the new trailer for Citadel below:  […]

‘The Consultant’ – Review

There’s nothing like a good horror story to get you binging a series in quick succession is Prime Video’s juicy new series, The Consultant will freak audiences out with its equal mix of dark comedy and twisted scares in what is one of 2023’s most memorable series to date. Regus Patoff, a mysterious consultant, comes […]

Prime Video moving forward with ‘The Terminal List’ Season Two

It was one of our favourite television releases of 2022 and now, after much speculation, Chris Pratt is officially set to return as Navy SEAL James Reese for a second season of The Terminal List. And a whole new media franchise is now on its way. As confirmed by both Prime Video and Deadline, Prime […]

The way must be followed in new trailer for Season Three of ‘The Mandalorian’

One of Disney+’s must-watch events is the upcoming third season of The Mandalorian which will see the return of stoic bounty hunter Din Djarin (Pedro Pascal) and his force-sensitive ‘child’ Grogu as they continue their adventures through the galaxy together and new tests and trials await them in Season Three. Watch the full trailer below: […]

‘The Last of Us’ – ‘When You’re Lost in the Darkness’ – Review

When it comes to premiere television events of 2023 one series ranks as one of the most anticipated and therefore must-watch events, HBO’s The Last of Us. Regarded as one of the great video games of all time, this intense and brooding post-apocalyptic story has now found its way to serialised television and its first […]