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The terrifying new trailer for ‘It’ is here

“You’ll float too…you’ll float too….YOU’LL FLOAT TOO!” The horrifying cries of young George Denbrough are difficult to stomach in the shocking new trailer for Andrés Muschietti’s unsettling adaptation of Stephen King’s terrifying classic It. Check out the new trailer below…if you dare: Here’s the synopsis: Set in Derry, Maine of the summer of 1989, a group […]

Survival gets primitive in ‘Alpha’

While we now control the vast landmass of the Earth, human’s were not always the dominant species and director Albert Hughes (From Hell, The Book of Eli) takes audiences back into the past with exhilarating survival thriller Alpha. Here’s the synopsis: Set 20,000 years in the past during the Upper Paleolithic period, a young caveman […]