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The ‘Justice League’ sequels that could have been

Zack Snyder’s Justice League has taken the world by storm, and audiences were treated to an incredible piece of cinema that truly captured the essence of these iconic characters, and this 4-hour epic was an amazing piece of cinema that audiences have devoured, and with good measure. Following the success of Zack Snyder’s Justice League, […]

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Brace yourself for guns, money, zombies and Vegas in ‘Army of the Dead’

Visual maestro Zack Snyder is returning to the director’s chair, hot off the restoration of Justice League, Snyder is back to mine another familiar genre and is returning to the scene of the zombie apocalypse for Army of the Dead. And this first teaser looks mental! Watch the full teaser trailer for Army of the […]

Fashion gets frightening in new trailer for ‘Cruella’

Prepare to embrace the epicness of ‘Zack Snyder’s Justice League’

One of 2021’s most anticipated releases is Zack Snyder’s Justice League, also affectionately known as the Snyder Cut, which will present a brand new, unseen side to 2017’s Justice League with Snyder re-cutting the film to reflect his personal vision of the story and its characters. And the official trailer has now arrived. Check it […]

Fashion gets frightening in new trailer for ‘Cruella’

Zack Snyder presents a new look at “Army of the Dead’

It’s been some time since virtuoso filmmaker Zack Snyder graced movie screens, and along with his re-working of 2017’s Justice League, which will arrive in a new director’s cut in March. Snyder is now also placing the finishing touches on his new zombie-action-heist thriller Army of the Dead. Set to follow on from his first […]

Meet the Queen of Mean in new ‘Cruella’ spot

Zack Snyder teases arrival of Darkseid in ‘Justice League: Snyder Cut’

The internet has been shaken by announcements that Zack Snyder’s original for Justice League, with the #SnyderCut, will arrive on the soon to launch HBOMax next year, and it’s a very exciting prospect. This version of Justice League will be Snyder’s complete and original vision for the film, and will hold true to the ideas […]

Meet the Queen of Mean in new ‘Cruella’ spot

Get a taste of Danny Elfman’s ‘Justice League’ Score

We’re just two weeks from the release of Justice League and the excitement is starting to ramp up. Now in awesome news, we finally have a taste of Danny Elfman’s (Batman, Edward Scissorhands, Sleepy Hallow) new score for the upcoming film. Titled ‘Heroes’, the track bears the tune of Elfman’s distinctive score and sets the […]

Meet the Queen of Mean in new ‘Cruella’ spot