Denzel Washington is back and ready to deal out plenty of justice in its most ruthless form as former black ops assassin turned vigilante do-gooder Robert McCall who has a penchant for helping the little guy in The Equalizer 2. But this time McCall’s fight is a far more personal battle….and there will be no […]
Taron Egerton is ready to shake things up in this high action re-imagining of the greatest outlaw of all time in Robin Hood, which has just released its brand new trailer. Check out the explosive new trailer below: Here’s the official synopsis: Returning battle worn from the crusades, Robin of Locksley (Egerton), finds Nottingham overthrown […]
Suicide. It’s a subject that touches many people and leaves a tremendous and harsh impact on so many lives. It’s an issue that is today so rampant in modern society, but which is still not readily addressed. But a new documentary drama from clinical psychologist turned filmmaker Paora Joseph desires to fix that and to […]
Television is readily becoming the best place to go for hard hitting science fiction with the likes of shows such as Lost In Space are pulling in enormous views and stunning audiences in the process. Now a new series which is grounded in our world of climate change, real world science and entrepreneurism is ready […]
It’s every kid’s dream to be a super hero and that’s exactly what happens in DC’s fun-loving Shazam! which is now ready to make its way to the big screen. Based on the beloved comic book character, Shazam! follows the adventures of 12-year old orphan Billy Batson who upon encountering a magical Wizard is granted […]
He’s the king of the blockbusters and now Dwayne Johnson is back on the big screen and overcoming some enormous obstacles in a display of heroism and courage at its most extreme in Skyscraper. After FBI Hostage Rescue leader Will Sawyer (Dwayne Johnson) suffers a terrible tragedy in the line of duty he is left […]