Sometimes you’ve got to stand together and fight for what’s yours and that’s exactly where The Divine Order takes audiences with plenty of comedy along the way. Winner of the Audience Award for Best Narrative Film at the Tribeca Film Festival, The Divine Order is set in Switzerland in 1971 where, despite the worldwide social […]
Fear doesn’t make a sound in this creepy new production from John Krasinski that finds him, and his real-life wife Emily Blunt, trying to survive a terrifying, monstrous presence in the freaky new horror film A Quiet Place. Thanks to our friends at Paramount Pictures New Zealand we have five double passes to give away […]
Lara Croft is back and she’s jumping headfirst into the action thanks to an impressive turn by Academy Award winner Alicia Vikander in the new action blockbuster Tomb Raider. Finding a hidden message from her adventurer father Lord Richard Croft (Dominic West), intrepid university student Lara Croft leaves London and travels to the far east […]
Jennifer Lawrence holds nothing back in her intense and calculating new spy thriller Red Sparrow which is packed out with plenty of twists that you’ll never see coming. Dominika Egorov (Lawrence) is a Russian Spy trained as a ‘sparrow’ or an operative who has been taught to use her femininity as a weapon. But after […]
Dr. Suess’s beloved character The Grinch returns to cinemas in an exciting new animated feature and star Benedict Cumberbatch is really not a fan of Christmas in this brand new teaser. Here’s the official synopsis: The Grinch (Benedict Cumberbatch) hatches a scheme with his trusted canine Max to ruin Christmas when the residents of Whoville plan […]
If you’re wanting original horror then it’s best to look to Jason Blum and Blumhouse, and this horror master house has created another freaky film to scare the living hell out of you in Truth or Dare. The new trailer has just been released and it will certainly send a shiver up your spine. Go […]