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The legend gets punk in ‘True History of the Kelly Gang’

It’s one of 2020’s most hotly awaited releases and now we’ve got a crazy new trailer that have arrived for True History of the Kelly Gang! Check out the new trailer below: Here’s the official synopsis: Spanning the younger years of Ned Kelly’s (George MacKay) life to the time leading up to his death, the […]

An opera of elegance and power awaits in ‘House of Gucci’

Take your first look at ‘True History of the Kelly Gang’

When it comes to outlaw legends they don’t come bigger than Ned Kelly, the famed Australian bushranger who waged a guerrilla war throughout the outback and who continues to have mass cultural appeal throughout Australia and the world. Now Kelly’s rogue life is to be brought to the big screen once more in True History […]

Matt Damon talks co-writing ‘The Last Duel’ with Ben Affleck

Step into the world of ‘Assassin’s Creed’ in new featurette

The E3 gaming convention is currently gripping the world with an amazing showing of new products and amazing titles, but 20th Century Fox and Ubisoft have also used the time to give both gamers and cinemagoers an inside look into Joseph Kurzel’s adaptation of Assassin’s Creed. The new featurette delves into the scope of the production, and features interviews with star […]

Matt Damon talks co-writing ‘The Last Duel’ with Ben Affleck