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Insanity awaits with ‘The Boys’ Season Two – Comic Con At Home

One of the most kickass debuts of last year was Amazon Prime’s The Boys, which kicked the superhero genre in the face with one massive boot and upped the ante on just how far you could take the superhero genre with. In a awesome round table event, Comic Con At Home brught together series showrunner […]

‘Beauty and the Beast’ limited series officially greenlit for Disney+

Get ready for the ‘anti’ in antihero with ‘The Boys’

Heroes. Who needs em. Clearly not this group of badass bruisers who are keen on visiting plenty of pain onto the ‘superheroes’ of their world in The Boys. Check out the first teaser below: The satire is readily present here as this PR promotional video tries to capture the extraordinary heroism and day-to-day goodwill of […]

Take your first look at ‘Nine Perfect Strangers’

An explosion of colour and madness awaits in new ‘Suicide Squad’ spots

The mad geniuses behind the biggest cinematic event of the year have now offered us an intriguing new look into the completely wild film that is Suicide Squad. A batch of quick-fire promos offer up plenty of fun footage including backgrounds on each of the twisted characters that DC Comics are introducing to its growing cinematic […]

Get behind the action of ‘Black Widow’