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‘The Terminal List’ – ‘Disruption’ – Review

‘The Terminal List’ – ‘Disruption’ – Review


Episode Four of The Terminal List, ‘Detachment’ got gritty as Navy SEAL James Reece unleashed his monstrous side and delivered a cold and brutal justice. But his war’s just ramping up, and he builds closer to the conspiracy that is surrounding him… and it’s all about to go BOOM in Episode Five, ‘Disruption’.

Reece travels to San Francisco to seek answers on a drug that may have started this all. Katie attempts to turn Mike Tedesco in an effort to blow up Capstone’s plans for Nubellum. Tony and his team stick close to Horn, hoping to intercept Reece before he kills his next target.

Returning from his mission in Mexico, it’s evident that Navy SEAL James Reece (Chris Pratt) is no longer the man he once was. While he’s still holding to his oath of loyalty and honour to his family, troop and country, his need for answers and blood have turned him into a monster. And he’s single-minded in his desire for revenge, and it’s starting to take a toll on him. Strung out and experiencing blinding nightmares and waking visions, audiences are left off guard with the narrative of Episode Five of The Terminal List, ‘Disruption’. Director Tucker Gates keeps the audience on high alert with plenty of twists and turns, and Reece isn’t the only one in the firing line.

Investigative reporter Katie Buranek (Constance Wu) finds herself in the crosshairs this time as she probes deeper into Capstone Industries and shady pharmaceutical company Nubellum. And it gets dangerous. Audiences are left on the edge of their seats as Katie has to evade Steve Horn’s personal legion of hitmen, and the stakes for her couldn’t be higher. ‘Disruption’ is an important episode for the impact and relevance of her relationship with James Reece, and it’s clear that both of their objectives and methodologies no longer align.

‘Disruption’ also sees FBI Agent Tony Layun (JD Pardo) come face to face with Steve Horn (Jai Courtney), and it’s an adversarial meeting. Layun can see right through Horn’s poser personality, which includes plenty of ‘stolen valour’ and lays down the gauntlet: James Reece is a hunter, and he’s on the prowl. This one particular scene is important for the ambience, and atmosphere that it provides. Audiences come to lean into the distinctive characters of Layun and Horn, and how they are dramatically worlds apart from each other.

This episode of The Terminal List ticks along with intensity, and minute by minute you’re on the edge of your seat. Where ‘Detachment’ was a full-on, down range direct mission of revenge, ‘Disruption’ is wrapped up in targeted assassination, and Reece’s ingenuity with the art of death comes to light in this episode. The final moments make for a hell of a bang, and this explosive combination of Reece’s need for revenge and the impact of high-velocity shrapnel leads to one hell of a messy showdown.

With the events of ‘Disruption’ Navy SEAL James Reece has crossed that line from solider to insurgent as he wages a very personal war. And the body count of The Terminal List is only about to rise further in his quest for revenge.

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