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‘Imaginary’ – Review

‘Imaginary’ – Review


Childhood horror rises to the surface in director Jeff Wadlow’s Imaginary, and this is a scary film with a serious bite to it that will freak audiences out.

When Jessica (DeWanda Wise) moves back into her childhood home with her family, her youngest stepdaughter, Alice, finds a stuffed bear named Chauncey. As Alice’s behavior becomes more and more concerning, Jessica intervenes only to realize that Chauncey is much more than the stuffed toy bear she believed him to be.

Blumhouse Pictures has its fingers on the pulse of where the state of modern horror cinema is. Their latest feature, Imaginary, makes for a very freaky watch. Director Jeff Wadlow (Never Back Down, Truth or Dare) takes audiences into a sinister space of the dark side of imagination as childhood as he explores what happens when a vengeful spirit decides to have its way with the human soul. And the results are damn terrifying. Focusing on shock value and with the added presence of unlimited creativity driven by the film’s plot device of the realm of the imagination, Imaginary makes for a chilling watch, and there are plenty of moments that will freak you the hell out.

Actress DeWanda Wise steps into the role of a genuine scream queen as the film’s protagonist, Jessica, a talented artist and new stepmother who finds her family under the influence of a malevolent spirit that has connections to her own past. And it soon becomes clear that this is a do-or-die moment for Jess. Wise has the likeability and compassion as Jessica, and her character’s artist stance helps to give the story a sense of creativity that keeps the narrative interestiung and invests you in the horror moments. Taegen Burns, as the rebellious Taylor, gives the film a serious edge, and she soon takes notice of the horror around here; damn, can this girl scream. And praise also needs to be heaped on Betty Buckley as Gloria, Jessica’s eccentric neighbour who knows more than she’s letting on, and damn does she give a creepy performance.

Horror fans will be in for a treat with Imaginary, and there are plenty of shocking moments to keep you engaged. Wadlow and his team have tried to do something different with the scares of Imaginary, and they certainly appear out of left field. The use of suspense keeps you engaged, and a few jump scares will send a shiver of dread down your spine. Imaginary is just a good all-around horror watch, and fans of the genre will be happy with the experience of it all.

If you’re looking for a good scare, Imaginary delivers plenty to make audiences fear the dark corners of their imagination.

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