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A timeless classic returns in ‘Watership Down’

Richard Adams timeless classic Watership Down has enthralled audiences the world over for decades and now a stunning new adaptation from the BBC is set to showcase this monomythic story to audiences once again. Watch the full trailer below: Here’s the full synopsis: Fleeing their doomed warren, a colony of rabbits lead by the heroic […]

The first trailer for ‘The Witcher’ is here

Get ready for the ‘anti’ in antihero with ‘The Boys’

Heroes. Who needs em. Clearly not this group of badass bruisers who are keen on visiting plenty of pain onto the ‘superheroes’ of their world in The Boys. Check out the first teaser below: The satire is readily present here as this PR promotional video tries to capture the extraordinary heroism and day-to-day goodwill of […]

The first trailer for ‘The Witcher’ is here

Get ready for a crazy dose of joy with ‘Happy!’

Who doesn’t love the magic and wonder of Christmas? Well Christopher Meloni’s degenerate ex-cop Nick Sax for one, but this walking disaster is about to learn about the true spirit of the holidays in Happy! Here’s the synopsis: After suffering a drug overdose with disastrous results former NYPD top cop turned seedy hitman Nick Sax […]

The first trailer for ‘The Witcher’ is here

Get ready to experience the unkown in new trailer for ‘Lost in Space’

Get ready for plenty of danger because Lost in Space is set to return to Netflix in a stunning new adaptation. The all-new series again follows the adventures of the Robinson family as they find themselves lost amongst the cosmos after their spaceship runs adrift. Check out the brand new trailer below: TV veterans Toby […]

The first trailer for ‘The Witcher’ is here